Providing scholarships to young, rural Bolivian women to rise up and attain their educational dreams.


"This financial help provides me the opportunity to prioritize my education and not have to compromise it due to conflicting priorities-such as having to choose between paying for family necessities and school, running into financial hardships and then leaving school, or having to work full-time and trying to attend school. I would like to extend my heart felt appreciation to you all for allowing me to have this wonderful opportunity."

-Marlene Poma Vargas


Marlene, our first scholarship recipient, continues in her second year of nursing school at the University of San Simon in Cochabamba.  Marlene recently purchased a computer. The new technology assists her immensely in staying current with homework and school. Marlene’s scholarship pays for public transportation, enrollment cost, school supplies, and meals.  Marlene is very committed to her studies and is doing well with most of her nursing classes.